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As a partner in the project you will have access to a library of free resources for students and teachers. These have been created to both help develop teacher practice, student accountability and to save practitioners whilst building confidence and agency within students.


What you get...

Student Development

•    Visible guide to progress
•    Individualised targeting and on-demand access to current achievement
•    Revision resources (handouts, recordings, quizzes etc.)
•    Metacognitive tools through granular breakdown of required skills
•    Ability to upload evidence for teacher feedback

Teacher Resource

•    Library of flexible resources: PPT, individualised resources, lesson plans
•    High-quality, skills based assessment resources
•    Capacity to identify emerging strengths and areas for improvement
•    Report automation
•    Dialogic tool to engage and motivate students

Teacher development

•    CPD video library
•    Detailed models for all levels of all skills
•    Access to free CPD conferences and training sessions
•    On-demand resources
•    Initial Assessment tool

Example resources

Example resources

As part of The BASE Project we’ve developed a library of outstanding, fully individualised resources to support students, teachers and leaders. Created by highly experienced FE teachers, leaders and experts with decades of experience, you can download our free sample resources below.

Developed specifically for FE teachers, these resources include a sample GCSE English lesson and innovative assessment resources for GCSE maths. Each resource is taken from a larger pack of resources which include additional individualised materials, student revision resources and multimedia content. These resources not only support exceptional teaching, but also cut workload, have a proven impact on student progress and enable self-efficacy in students.

Maths GCSE - PROVE IT resources

English GCSE - Structure lesson


  • If our college does take part in the project, what do you need from us?
    As The Wheel is fully funded, all we need is recent, previous achievement data and a session to deliver training to teachers. We also require a small amount of time with leaders, teachers and students to gather feedback on their experience of The Wheel (this can be completed online).
  • How do I access The Wheel?
    We strive to make The Wheel as accessible as possible for all teachers and students - it can be accessed via an App and also via Desktop computer.
  • Do students and teachers need to be online to access The Wheel?
    Though you do not need to be online to use The Wheel, it won’t update unless the app or desktop is connected to the internet.
  • How can I get involved with the BASE Project?
    Fully funded until 2025 for Further Education colleges supporting GCSE resit students, you can contact our National Education Lead, Jonny Kay, here:
  • Can The Wheel be integrated into existing college systems?
    We’re always developing The Wheel and will be working with our partners across Further Education to integrate it into relevant systems.
  • Do I need to implement all of the available resources to fully benefit from The Wheel?
    Though there is a library of resources (sample lessons, revision materials, CPD content), all available content is flexible and teachers can use as much or as little as relevant. This could mean using elements of the library of support materials, or embedding all resources - the choice is yours.
  • How is The Wheel updated - do students update their progress or do teachers do this?
    As The Wheel is fully flexible, teachers and students can easily update it via Desktop or using our App. As students are able to log their work using the app (through uploading a photo of it, or attaching a document), teachers are quickly able to give feedback by updating the app, or teachers and students can do this collaboratively to review student achievement.
  • Does The Wheel produce a summary report?
    The Wheel offers an easily accessible, visual summary of student strengths and areas for improvement which students, and teachers, can easily drill down into. We know that students, teachers and leaders value reports which offer a summary of strengths and areas for improvement and so we’re working hard to deliver this within the next few months.
  • How much time is required to fully implement The Wheel?
    The Wheel is enormously flexible and can be used in a number of ways. Whether in-class, or with students independently accessing The Wheel outside of the classroom, we recommend setting aside regular opportunities for students to access The Wheel, engage with their own progress and develop accountability towards achieving their goals.
  • Is space infinite
    No, its ever expanding
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