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FE Managers' Pathway

As key stakeholders in the project, we will work closely with leaders to contextualise and individualise all resources to best meet the needs of teachers and students. 

The initial training will focus on leaders, showcasing all elements of the project, as well as providing detailed explanations of the strategies, processes and innovations embedded within the project and offering opportunities for discussion. Throughout this initial training, leaders at all levels will have opportunities to ask questions around all elements of the project. These key figures are the primary contacts and recipients of the ongoing support and mentoring throughout the project. To support the continued development of all resources, leaders will periodically collaborate and provide feedback to form a community of learning, sharing best practice and offering peer support.

Our team of highly experienced subject specialists will provide support, training and mentoring to leaders, delivered through a blend of distance learning, in-person training and  coaching and mentoring approaches (including facilitating peer mentoring). This in turn will cascade teaching teams, building a sustainable legacy.

Leaders will access the data and reporting function of The Wheel to identify teacher and student progress, , engagement and usage levels. Providing real-time insight into what is working and the impact upon the students, access is available through the central LMS and complemented by monthly updates with in-depth quarterly reviews from Leeds Beckett University.

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