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Teachers' Pathway

A key element of the project, we are focused on supporting teachers to develop their practice and spend more time doing the things that matter: supporting students.

The initial, in-person, training is centred around English and maths teachers, focusing on purpose and priority within the classroom. Focusing on the raw principles of teaching and learning, our unique CPD supports teachers to understand the mindset of students giving a deeper empathy and a better understanding of students previous experiences. Once these foundations have been established, teachers will be taught fully supported through the Learning Nutrition approach and begin to simply embed techniques into everyday practice.

Following this training, teachers will then be supported by The Wheel for the duration of the project. All elements of the initial training are accessible on the platform, together with maths and English specific content, including lessons and individualised resources. With each teacher accessing a unique account, content, training and examples, a library of activities and approaches are offered . By simply tracking and recording progress, teachers are able to easily identify and reflect  on next steps, celebrate progress, support changes in practice and recognise success in supporting students.

Flexible access to The Wheel includes a library of shared practice (exemplars, examples of peer resources from across the broader project) with content in a variety of formats - audio, video, model policies etc – are available at all times. 
Additional support will also be provided by lead practitioners.

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