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Our approach

We understand the spectrum of experiences that 16-19 year old GCSE English and maths learners have experienced and so our approach and impact focuses on supporting positive learning behaviours such as resilience, connectivity and critical thinking. This approach is proven to make a significant difference to student progress and achievement and, more importantly, a positive contribution to well-being (particularly for students that need it most).


We have clear and established aim to transform academic self-efficacy and embed a sense of agency, giving students greater confidence and ambition. Simply put, through our unique, innovative and sector leading approach, students achieve and are more confident through achieving.


Sadie, English Lecturer

Engaging, entertaining and the thought provoking. 

Ellen, Curriculum Lead for English, Maths & ESOL

The project was explained well. The activities were  fun and the trainers relatable. 

Lisa, GCSE English Lecturer

Honest, lively and engaging.

Learning Nutrition

‘Learning Nutrition’ is our term for the key elements that all learners requires to be at their best, to accelerate learning and achieve their potential. Learning Nutrition, devised and perfected through more than 15 years delivery, to over 2.5m students, requires no subject or level adaptation and therefore offers a future legacy throughout participating educational settings for ongoing positive CPD and peer-to-peer learning and support.

A successful approach for ALL teachers, Learning Nutrition focuses on providing the best environment and support for all learners.  This enables them to be more resilient, so they are able to make independent decisions , find ways to engage and work better with others, and develop the confidence needed to take personal responsibility and accountability. 

The 7 key nutrients

Sense of Purpose: 

To establish a sense of purpose and priority, we take teachers back to their raw principles. We have a series of ‘comfort, stretch, panic’ projects as part of our innovative CPD, which will enable teachers to gain a unique insight into the experiences of their students. These projects support teachers to understand and explain how they feel when in situations of panic or low confidence, and as a result, gain a deeper understand of the student experience. We then spend time reconnecting with teacher’s core purpose, to support teachers to better tailor resources, activities and experiences for students.

With a unique blend of CPD activities, supportive resources and collaborative sharing of best practice, we are able to demonstrate the impact teachers make with real empathy and understanding. 

Making the biggest difference:

Our partners at Leeds Beckett University lead on the monitoring and evaluation aspect of the project, and the feedback and results from this will be used to help us continually improve our delivery and The Wheel.

Through a codified approach, that measures against our unique Learning Nutrition approach, teachers are able to focus on one or two nutrients to develop their own approach, pedagogy and effectiveness to support students . By narrowing down the CPD curriculum, and focusing very deliberately on the things that are proven to make the biggest difference, we are supported and informed through regular digital feedback and the ongoing monitoring and evaluation carried out by the Leeds Beckett academic team.

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