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With a core team of highly experienced teachers and leaders, we understand the difference that high-quality resources and support can make to teachers, leaders and students. This is why we have tailored a range of fully-funded resources and support.

FE managers' pathway

FE Managers' Pathway

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As key stakeholders in the project, we will work closely with leaders to contextualise and individualise all resources to best meet the needs of teachers and students. 

Techers' pathway

Teachers' Pathway


A key element of the project, we are focused on supporting teachers to develop their practice and spend more time doing the things that matter: supporting students.

Students pathway

Students' Pathway


The core focus, every element of the project is shaped to best support student independence, self-efficacy, resilience, motivation and achievement.

Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation


As part of the intervention, Create Development will involve an academic institution, Leeds Beckett University, to design and run a rigorous independent Implementation and Process Evaluation (IPE). This will consider key factors to ensure that the delivery of the CPD is standardised and quality maintained in all colleges. It will also look at the effectiveness over time and the mechanisms that ensure success.

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